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Funny Christmas gift ideas – When Santa loses it

Funny Christmas gift ideas – We are now officially in December, and the time has come to start burning up those savings of yours in order to show those you love just how much you care. While some of you may have already started their Christmas shopping, chances are that everyone is far from being done yet. We know for a fact that sometimes finding the perfect gift can turn out to be quite hectic, so if ever you are looking present ideas, you will find below a list of funny Christmas gift ideas, so why not check them out?

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Funny Christmas gift ideas

Bluetooth talking glove – Funny Christmas gift ideas

Generic toilet paper for cheap ass

Lego slippers

Lego slippers

I miss your stupid face mug

Holy dildo funny gift

Ben gay aspirin

Stupid child mop

Funny power lift bra – Funny Christmas gift ideas

Men’s underwear repair kit

Naughty slippers

Singles funny adult food

Okay shampoo

Grow up to be gay funny hairdresser set

Sigmund Freud action figure – Funny Christmas gift ideas

Funny belly button dryer

Sexy towel for men

Bag style lingerie for men

Crafting with cat hair book

Dictionary of corporate bullshit

Dream griddle alarm clock – Funny Christmas gift ideas

USB pet rock

Funny mullet wigs

Gift not included battery

Cooking while driving gadget

Vintage fumigation for feminine hygiene

Funny to do tattoo – Funny Christmas gift ideas

Funny walk and wash laundry

Funny instant hair spray

Slim mouth piece gadget

WTF glass vibrator urn

Desktop punching bag – Funny Christmas gift ideas

Tie umbrella gadget

Wine glass holder necklace

Portable zebra crossing

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