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Hump day funnies – Time to waste a bit of your precious time

Hump day funnies – If in need for a few smiles, it’s our pleasure to let you know that our latest selection of goodies is now up and kicking. Don’t be fooled, scavenging the internet is an art, and we do and try to diversify as far as humor is concerned (genre wise) in order to try and please everyone (as well as ourselves, evidently). Today’s collection is more or less SFW and turns out to be a blend of old (but good) stuff and more recent internet chuckles, so if you have a few minutes to spare please feel free.

Wishing you a lovely midweek and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Are you sitting on a F5 key funny pick up line – Hump day funnies

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California storm winter 2014 meme

You look like the kid of snoop dog and Christian bale humor

Amazing guy serving tea

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The dancing man faith in humanity restored

Funny not my job award

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Funny marijuana growing operation fail

What having siblings is like humor – Hump day funnies

Awkward family photo with walrus

This home is protected by angles fail

Funny soup translation fail

headline awaited fail

Easter egg hunt fail

Funny sarcastic doormat – Hump day funnies

Seeing the doctor is swag funny advertising

One free kiss humor

Cat poop jewelry imitation

Pope in porn interview room humor

Eat your friend menu translation fail

Weird person on the internet humor – Hump day funnies

Taking care of a fire with headbanging

Funny impatient bird meme

What did the boy with no hands get for Christmas joke

Make a game of housework vintage advertising

Participants needed for fellatio study humor

Funny plane exit guidelines

Shitabrix humor – Hump day funnies

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