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Funny dirty jokes – A rib tickling compilation

Funny dirty jokes – Ever been in a situation where everyone starts cracking their favorite jokes but although -let’s face it- you’ve heard hundred’s of hilarious ones, you’re suddenly struck with mind-blanking? Yeah… well we have news for you, you’re defo not alone! Add to that that of course there’s always the art of telling jokes which some have and others…. well let’s be honest not so much, hey! You can hear the most jaw-breaking story one day and when you decide to share the exact same knee-slapper with others the result just turns out to be lame… Nonetheless, we have your back people and have put together a compilation of jokey jokes we think you just may enjoy. Some are a tad dirty, others not so much (we (for this first edition we’ve decided to take it easy on you) but it’s always better to play it safe than be sorry, right?

Wishing you a rib-tickling PMSLweb moment!

Funny Dirty jokes

Funny naughty horse and chicken joke

A couple are listening to the radio funny joke

Funny Politician joke

What does a vagina look like funny adult joke - Funny dirty jokes

Funny blonde joke

Funny adult cannibal joke

Where do babies come out of funny adult joke - Funny dirty jokes

A guy walks into a bar funny adult joke

Funny dirty Tarzan joke

The brick wall funny religious joke

Don't mess with mom when she's been drinking funny joke

Funny Naughty Christmas joke - Funny dirty jokes

My octopus can play any instrument funny adult joke

The Italian lover funny adult joke

Our future son in law funny dirty joke - Funny dirty jokes

The difference between oral and anal sex dirty joke

Cheeky priest at the airport funny naughty joke

Men will be men funny adult joke

Mother in law misses the bus funny joke

Husband wants to try something kinky funny adult joke - Funny dirty jokes

Grandpa and grandson go fishing funny dirty joke

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