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Funny Friday misconduct – Mood boosting funny pictures

Funny Friday misconduct – Sadly, once more, before kick-starting this edition of pre-weekend funnies, our thoughts go to the town of Nice and our condolences to the families & friends of last night’s horrendous attack. Far too often these days we are reminded of the terrible consequences the world faces when stupidity, fanaticism (and eventually indoctrination) and ignorance are combined.

In other news, thank goodness it’s Friday, so if you’re up for a few cheeky TGIF giggles please just follow the guide…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Funny I don’t give a shit warning – Funny Friday misconduct

Funny If you turn your head you’re a dead man

Is my crush thinking about me adult humor

Too fat too furious funny meme

People keep thinking that I care sarcastic quote

Pringles the fisting simulator humor – Funny Friday misconduct

Funny spot the lips imposter

This is a wine rack humor

Talking to you is like having to slap an old TV sarcastic quote

When it’s freezing but you still want to show your boobs meme

Supercritical wing funny meme

Ice to cool that butthurt meme – Funny Friday misconduct

Gorilla looks like James Jonah Jameson

Blind girl on top of cake funny typo fail

A woman will argue with you for 30 min sarcastic quote

The truth behind diglett adult humor

Three stages of life sarcastic humor

Funny nihilistic password security questions

I used my manners today sarcastic quote – Funny Friday misconduct

I had a dream funny cartoon

Education these days be like funny quote

I joined a group named I don’t like anything joke

I’m not an early bird or a night owl funny quote

Come over and eat what my mom made funny text

Girl asked me if she was wearing too much makeup funny quote

Install windows 10 funny tweet – Funny Friday misconduct

Ankle socks kids these days will never know the struggle humor

Funny when you open the oven to check on your food

Deepthroated by ice cube funny comment

Why is potato always used negatively humor

I thought I heard Oreo funny quote – Funny Friday misconduct

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