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Funny Friday pics – Summoning crazy weekend vibes

Funny Friday pics – Thank goodness Friday is finally here! For those committed to the standard business week, the time has come to break out of any professional ties and kick start the nonsense. In order to help you slowly settle into the festive mood, you will find bellow our daily selection of funnies, so please feel free!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead & a crazy PMSLweb moment!

Coconut oil fixes everything – Funny Friday pics

Kim Davis Kathy Bates look alike

What are the residents of this town called humor

Where not to put a cactus meme

How workplace violence starts

Funny hair bleach fail

Funny at what time should your child go to bed

Shit just got serious humor – Funny Friday pics

If stupid could fly funny quote

Funny Star Trek red shirts meme

When I ask you how you’re doing sarcastic ecard

Another one fights the dust meme

Time to see who shared the post Jesus meme

People with higher intelligence find it harder to fall asleep at night

Funny autumn meme – Funny Friday pics

I always mean what I say funny quote

Creation of the internet cat meme

Is it rude to toss a Xanax into someone’s mouth funny quote

Never ask Google for medical advice humor

He left the toilet seat up for the very last time joke

Donald Trump in the Shining – Funny Friday pics

Next time someone rings your home phone prank

Leave me the f*ck alone inspirational picture

Everything on the internet is a lie meme

Fake little vet kit

Wherever my hair ties go funny quote

I love winter fashion funny quote – Funny Friday pics

What kind of world we are going to leave for Keith Richards humor

Google dish translation fail

When you called someone and they didn’t pick up humor

Funny ugly baby cartoon

Funniest church bulletin bloopers

Dear paranoid people who check behind their shower curtains

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