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Hump day nonsense –A delivery of midweek funnies

Hump day nonsense – Given that the need to take a spin down loony lane always tends to spike on Wednesdays ( the faster the page is slammed down on Monday & Tuesday, the better), once more we have put together a Hump day edition of wacky pictures, and hope that this crazy supply will match the demand. There’s only one way to find out, so why not come and see for yourselves?

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

You haven’t photographed your food cartoon – Hump day nonsense

Final destination joke

Funny evil queen smartphone parody

When you sit down on the toilet but the seat’s up meme

Do I really want a beer humor

Why you can never tell a dog a knock knock joke

Tub face meme – Hump day nonsense

Cat reminds me I’m my husband’s side chick meme

The most handsome gorilla

I’ve never heard of Keith Richards meme

Funny anti diarrhea billboard

Funny alligator mating season sign

The Adams family were never this scary humor – Hump day nonsense

Why don’t you brush your hair humor

Funny baby tattoo fail

The rolling dead humor

VHS and chill humor

Capsicum TMNT

Bee vomit humor – Hump day nonsense

The slowest things in the world humor

Prevent workplace injury funny guide

Funny Americans and war humor

Burning saddle in summer as experienced by both genders

The walking dead funny parody

Sarcastic double dip quote – Hump day nonsense

Why vacuum cleaners are so loud humor

Funny real life horror movies

Live long and prosper fail

Funny extreme sports tweet

Announcing on social media that you are with someone humor

Putin and dog look alike – Hump day nonsense

Funny pop goes the weasel casket quote

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