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Funny Friday picture collection – A nonsense packed gallery

Funny Friday picture collection – It’s finally Friday people, and no doubt that this will turn out to be the best news of the week for many of you. Congrats on surviving the second business week of the year, only 50 more to go now, yay! May you be a weekend “freshman” or still have a few remaining hours to pull through and are currently looking to fit quality procrastination into your schedule, search no more and give our latest edition of Friday funnies a shot!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend upfront and a kick-ass PMSLweb moment!

The proctologist will see you now funny meme - Funny Friday picture collection

Teach your kids to be conspirators funny comment

Funny Brita water pitcher meme

When white people say that Asians all look the same funny meme

Time to tell other people how to live funny tweet

Cat poops in a weird way funny text message - Funny Friday picture collection

When the waiter pours your wine funny dog meme

Which part of the chicken do you want funny meme

 When you're about to send that perfect drunk text funny meme

Funny 20 years old futurama joke - Funny Friday picture collection

Why men are not allowed to give love advice in magazine columns humor

Just got back from a holiday in Thailand funny sexist joke

When you have your priorities in order funny meme

Driver was texting and caused a collision gif

The most loony toon thing I've ever seen funny meme

Back in the day when you couldn't hide behind a computer funny meme

When you draw eyes on automated robots funny gif - Funny Friday picture collection

How it feels when you take your Christmas decorations down funny meme

Not sure they actually thought this through funny Dove fail

Funny online application fail - Funny Friday picture collection

It's time I get my life in order funny meme

Funny solution for unsociable people

That must have hurt funny jump fail gif

It's a lawn mower following its dreams funny comment

When you take your cat to the vet funny tweet - Funny Friday picture collection

Only at Walmart funny fail

When I go back in time and pull out funny meme

He hates you because he is a cat sarcastic humor - Funny Friday picture collection

The so-called four Fs funny article

Raise your hand if you've already wanted to punch someone in the throat this year sarcastic humor

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