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LOL picture collection – Your Friday funnies are here

LOL picture collection – TGIF everyone, you’ve finally made it! If you’re wondering how to worthily kick-start the next 48h and are endlessly roaming the Internet looking for ideas, maybe can we interest you in a few quality chuckles? Indeed, our latest compilation of funny Web findings has just gone viral, so if funny memes & pics defo sound like a plan right now please feel free.

Wishing you a kick-ass weekend ahead and a giggle-packed PMSLweb moment!

He's getting the F out of here funny meme - LOL picture collection

How do tall people sleep at night funny text message

Name a scam funny comment

After all the shit they're back together funny comment

When you really need to take a leak funny meme

Funny offensive crayons set - LOL picture collection

Who puts their flip flops on the table funny comment

Construction workers in natural habitat funny sign

If the earth is flat then explain this funny meme

Java set up funny missile alert joke - LOL picture collection

Meanwhile in Tobleronistan funny meme

Nigerian needs someone to answer his email funny meme

When the whole squad has been smoking weed funny gif

 When you forget to take your smartphone to the bathroom funny meme

When you try to argue with a girl funny meme - LOL picture collection

Funny Star Wars thoughts and prayers meme

When you start a free trial funny meme

My dad is in Hawaii for travel funny text message

I'd rather starve funny last slice of toast meme - LOL picture collection

When you're a french baker trying to sell off your stock funny meme

What do I do for a living funny comment

When you ask your girl what's wrong and she says nothing funny meme

With a little encouragement black man wins the race funny inappropriate meme

Satan wants you to stop sacrificing animals funny sarcastic tweet

There's a big difference between a girl and a guy going through a box of tissues funny meme

When your pants aren't sure if they'll fit funny meme

Be there or be square funny meme - LOL picture collection

Lindsay Lohan bitten by snake funny comment

I say shut the fuck up to my cat funny post

Never give up on your dreams funny gif

If you ask for more than 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee funny quote

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