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Humorous memes and pics – Your Tuesday guffaws are here

Humorous memes and pics – If you are reading these lines, chances are that you currently have a few minutes to spare/waste and are surfing around looking for premium procrastination content/quality chuckles. If this actually turns out to be the case search no more, as our latest collection of Tuesday guffaws has just gone viral and awaits your validation. Funny pics, riotous memes and witty comments sum up the latter fairly well, so without further ado why no just dig in?

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

This fish looks like she wants to speak to the manager humor - Humorous memes and pics

What women want versus what men want funny comment

Ye olde simple Simon sarcastic humor

When your sims are waiting for instructions funny meme

Mom says it's my turn on the x-box funny cat meme

 Just eat like a human Mark funny meme - Humorous memes and pics

I have discovered my new patron Saint funny tweet

Winter is coming funny gif

In case of emergency men with big dicks must escape through the window funny meme

Funny Led Zeppelin Google search - Humorous memes and pics

Something is hilarious in the photo funny meme

Man robs bank to escape his wife humor

One day we may be able to terraform Mars sarcastic humor

When your boyfriend is giving you a tough competition funny meme

What I see when I post pictures of your kids funny meme

Funny fish out of water costume prank gif - Humorous memes and pics

When a homeless person is trying to make eye contact funny meme Funny bullshit tie

Funny bullshit tie

When your fake ID works funny comment

The Jehovah witness final exam funny meme

I usually don't pick up hitchhikers funny meme - Humorous memes and pics

Funny Star Wars Hyperspace meme

You must be having some fucking awful sex funny meme

Do you wear size one baby shoes funny comment

These are my stomach rolls funny meme

You look like you terrorize the power puff girls funny comment

When your boss says that you need to wear a smile funny meme

When you learn how to spot the girls with daddy issues funny meme

Next time you grab a hand rail funny meme - Humorous memes and pics

How to spice up any Facebook comment humor

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