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Funny Friday YLYL – A few funnies for the road

Funny Friday YLYL – Thank goodness Friday is finally here, and while a few lucky bastards are already getting to enjoy the premises of what we hope will turn out to be another stress-free weekend, others still have a few hours to pull through (and don’t get us started on those who will be working throughout the WE…). In all cases, if ever you’re currently looking for a way to kill time or are feeling the urge to treat your funny bone to some rollicking quality time, search no more and give our latest compilation of TGIF funnies a shot!

Wishing you a delightful weekend ahead and a boisterous PMSLweb moment!

Taking your bra off after a long day funny cat meme - Funny Friday YLYL

Funny discrete shopping prank

Playing Wonderwall at a party on your acoustic guitar funny meme

My dad is an amputee funny adult humor

Three months and my parents still have not noticed funny Kim Jong Un meme

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about funny carrot meme

Finally a signal from God sarcastic humor

This is clever ASF funny meme - Funny Friday YLYL

Australia is fucking mental funny meme

I want a guy like this funny Zuckerberg comment

 Teaching Microsoft word without a computer funny meme

Don't tell a guy his fly is open in public funny tweet

Funny Fannie Licker gravestone - Funny Friday YLYL

Funny Ugandan German club logo fail

Funny restaurant pasta decal social media analyze

My cat only poops standing funny meme

Funny mispronounced Reddit comment

You are butt dust funny fail - Funny Friday YLYL

Tornado safety DOs and DON'Ts humor

Porn websites blocked in Russia funny meme

Funny inappropriate alcohol-free Guinness comment

Funny bad biologists iStock photos tweet - Funny Friday YLYL

Golden words by a wise man humor

My dog judges you funny meme

Today at animal kingdom funny post

May the 4th Heathrow humor - Funny Friday YLYL

It's not gay if it's TSA funny T-shirt

I can make you thin advert fail

RIP dildo humor

Dogs have owners cats have staff funny sign - Funny Friday YLYL

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