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Funny Internet pics – The weekend chuckles are here

Funny Internet pics – Before going any further, please allow us to congratulate you on making it (hopefully safely) to the safe haven which offers yet another (we hope awesome) weekend. Currently treating ourselves to a little vacation (which btw, explains the pace of our posts lately), we have not given up completely on scavenging the world wide web and in today’s funny pics edition it’s our pleasure to share our latest findings with you; so If ever you’re in need for a handful of guffaws, why not checkout the latter!

Wishing you a rollicking weekend and a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Funny basic man rules - Funny Internet pics

Sean Spicer leaving the white house funny meme

You won't find a bitch half the woman I am funny meme

What's up with your nipples funny social media

Jesus doesn't sell weed anymore funny meme

Become a bus driver funny advert - Funny Internet pics

This will taste like shit starter pack funny meme

You look like you teach Sharia law at hogwarts funny roast me

It's not that he's evil funny cat meme

 Know your cats funny meme - Funny Internet pics

We all know a girl who thinks she is super hot funny meme

How your girl evaluates your social media funny meme

When you talk to yourself in front of the mirror funny meme

Lazy is such an ugly word funny meme

Kay drink water funny name - Funny Internet pics

Today you ignore me because I'm a potato funny meme

Hunger in Africa you had one job fail inappropriate humor

The face you make when you walk past someone you know funny meme

Funny plane seating options meme

Fierce grape funny vending machine fail - Funny Internet pics

Funny cat expressions chart

If you smoke marinara funny Facebook fail

Welcome to cockburn funny sign

A poem about work humor

Pyrokinesis for beginners funny book cover - Funny Internet pics

If finding nemo had been scientifically accurate funny meme

Funny forever alone biker edition

Funny dangerous road sign

The world's safest bike funny meme

I don't know this guy but know that the government screwed him over funny meme

When you hear a mosquito during the night funny cartoon - Funny Internet pics

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