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Hilarious sarcasm – A kickass collection of funnies

Hilarious sarcasm – Before going any further, can all those who don’t share a weak spot for sarcasm and wicked mockery in general please take a step forward… thank you. If this turns out to be the case and that you actually did somehow land on this post, now would be the perfect moment to reconsider scrolling any further… unless, fess up, it wasn’t really an accident, right? The cheeky little devil sitting on your shoulder may have finally decided to step up his game and is about to take you on a venture which will change your perception of life forever…

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to our latest edition of kickass sarcastic humor!

Wishing you a saucy and audacious PMSLweb moment!

Hilarious sarcasm

Funny harsh language advisory

Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep sarcastic quote

Stop right there I already don't give a fuck sarcastic humor

Do you ever just look at someone and think twat sarcastic quote

Be careful when you blindly follow the masses sarcastic humor

Fuck pills sarcastic humor - Hilarious sarcasm

Finally got my women's studies text book sarcastic sexist humor

How females jump to conclusions sarcastic meme

Please hold while I transfer you to the butthurt department sarcastic meme

I love free speech funny sarcastic quote

You are bilingual sarcastic humor - Hilarious sarcasm

I don't care what you think about me sarcastic meme

Why do my co-workers care that I came back a little tipsy funny sarcastic quote

When your friend announces that she is pregnant on FB sarcastic humor

Dolphins are second to men in intelligence levels sarcastic sexist humor

 My super power is picking the slowest moving grocery line sarcastic meme

Well that was a shit idea sarcastic inspirational quote

The only thing I throwback on Thursday sarcastic humor - Hilarious sarcasm

The hard part of being a bartender sarcastic meme

Get a grip funny sarcastic caution sign

Hold on I've gotta overthink this first sarcastic humor

It's very hard to make friends as an adult funny sarcastic quote

When the devil on your shoulder asks WTF are you doing sarcastic humor

Being an adult is like one of your choose your adventure books sarcastic humor

The only thing worse than the one who got away sarcastic humor - Hilarious sarcasm

I don't have a bucket list sarcastic quote

Do you ever meet someone and think dumbass sarcastic humor

Monday's come at you like sarcastic humor

 Good things happen to those who STFU sarcastic quote - Hilarious sarcasm

Hardest math question ever sarcastic meme

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