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Hilarious TGIF nonsense – Wacko memes and pics

Hilarious TGIF nonsense – Once more sadly, we will be starting today’s post by expressing our sincere condolences and sympathy to the Spanish nation whom, as you all are aware of by now, was hit yesterday by yet another of those horrific and fuelled by stupidity terror attacks that the world has been enduring for quite a while now. Our thoughts and compassion go to the victims’ families and friends as well as to the inhabitants of Catalonia.

Condolences to Spain

Thank goodness Friday is here, and in order to celebrate the occasion worthily it’s our pleasure to offer you today your daily bullshit-fix under the form of riotous pictures, gifs and memes; so without further ado why not just dig in!

Wishing you a nutcase PMSLweb moment!

What John Snow really showed Daenerys - Hilarious TGIF nonsense

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When you watch your boy approach a girl way out of his league funny GoT gif

When I wished for a twelve inch prick sarcastic humor

WTF are you so proud about, Bitch? Funny meme - Hilarious TGIF nonsense

You're free to go fuck yourself funny sarcastic quote

Jehova's witnesses are real world spam funny meme

 Funny sarcastic swearing at work guide

Every time I come up with a good idea funny gif - Hilarious TGIF nonsense

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A scientist will read dozens of books sarcastic quote

When I need my space but also need attention funny meme

Funny nose ring life hack meme

Toilet paper is grossed out funny gif

I drink because It's unhealthy to keep things bottled up funny quote

Tips go towards the kill a twilight fan foundation humor - Hilarious TGIF nonsense

Ass whooping, shit just got real funny meme

Remember these from Friday funny meme

Daber falls to his death humor

End road work funny protest sign meme

Bitches be like if it zips it fits funny meme - Hilarious TGIF nonsense

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When you're chilling and your balls pop out humor

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