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Funny meme zone – A lighthearted collection

Funny meme zone – Would you believe it, for a significant percentage of the population, this is/was the last Monday you had to drag your ass to work this year. Evidently, we are aware that this doesn’t apply to all as some will be working throughout the holidays or are just not concerned by the upcoming celebrations. Whatever category you fall in, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to a little Monday procrastination between tasks in order to kick-start the new week with a few smiles and positive vibes, so if you have a few minutes to spare why not dig into our latest selection of funny lighthearted memes?

Wishing you a great week ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Time to take out the trash funny New year cartoon - Funny meme zone

When a girl announces her wedding plans on social media funny meme

I like keeping my metabolism on its toes funny quote

Women are very shallow funny social media fail

When you're so obese you look like you're being born funny meme

Not impressed with how the New Star Wars starts funny meme

Chemical composition of a latino orgasm funny meme - Funny meme zone

Walking down the junk food aisle funny meme

This lady's hair looks like a dog wearing sunglasses funny meme

Stop it ladies I haven't finished my math homework funny meme

Is this relaxed peeing or explosive diarrhea funny meme

This advent calendar is shit funny meme - Funny meme zone

Funny Barber prices sign

When a friend asks me if I want to finish their food funny meme

This is my fish do not touch my fish funny meme

When Netflix asks you if you are still there funny meme

For sale 2 story house with quick access to highway funny meme

I thought she was dabbing at first funny comment

When the free trial wants your credit card info funny meme

How you know shit is getting serious online funny meme - Funny meme zone

Jealous girls be like funny meme

When your boss walks by and you have to pretend you're working funny meme

Me in 2015 versus me in 2017 funny post

Where do you see yourself in 40 years from now funny meme

Not today fate, not today gif

Cat is not welcome in the bank funny meme - Funny meme zone

When you text someone and they decide to call you funny meme

It's teethpaste not toothpaste funny comment

What might not seem important to you funny gif

When I say we'll see funny sarcastic quote - Funny meme zone

Time to switch from normal anxiety to festive anxiety funny quote

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