Funny sarcastic nonsense – The stress relief brigade is here

Funny sarcastic nonsense – Throwback Thursday seems far too overrated these days, and over on PMSLweb we would like to suggest a few alternatives such as #DontPushYourLuckThursday #PatienceIsWearingThinThursday #BitchSlapThursday or even #ShutYourTrapThursday (evidently we could go on & on but we’re sure that you get the point). Indeed, many of you already have a long-ass week behind them and in order to keep your moral compass finely tuned and your patience at an acceptable level, a good dose of witty & snarky humor may turn out to be necessary. If this is the case, why not take a few minutes off your current duties and scroll through our latest collection of rude and sarcastic memes?

Wishing you a sardonic PMSLweb moment!

Funny sarcastic nonsense

It's IDGAF O'Clock sarcastic meme

We all know that one person we wish would STFU saracstic comic

Shut your mouth sarcastic Eminem gif

White people and haunted houses funny sarcastic meme

Once you let motherfuckers slide funny sarcastic quote - Funny sarcastic nonsense

Stupid people are like glow sticks sarcastic quote

 Go fuck yourself challenge funny sarcastic meme

Complete the sentence sarcastic humor - Funny sarcastic nonsense

January 1st 2018 lands on a Monday sarcastic meme

Look at all the fucks I give sarcastic Frozen gif

When you post something controversial funny sarcastic meme

I love winter fashion sarcastic quote - Funny sarcastic nonsense

Text messaging with your girlfriend be like sarcastic humor

When I was young I could climb mountains sarcastic quote

If I ever give a flying fuck sarcastic humor

Stop being an asshole and embrace the Christmas spirit sarcastic meme

Breastfeeding WTF did I just read sarcastic humor - Funny sarcastic nonsense

I haven't made any bad decisions lately sarcastic meme

Stop wasting your time looking for Mr Right sarcastic quote

50 shades of Shut the Fuck Up sarcastic meme

Funny sarcastic crapchat

When your co-workers ask you to participate in Secret Santa sarcastic meme

I'm not mean sarcastic meme - Funny sarcastic nonsense

People who brag on Facebook sarcastic humor

When someone types up a long paragraph full of valid points sarcastic meme

When you're good at something never do it for free sarcastic meme - Funny sarcastic nonsense

The last fuck I gave went that way sarcastic humor

So many haters sarcastic meme

I wouldn't recommend being a cunt to me sarcastic quote

Babe are you mad sarcastic meme - Funny sarcastic nonsense

I'm out of here funny sarcastic gif

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