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Funny Saturday pics – A dose of magic chortle potion

Funny Saturday pics – We hope that the weekend has been treating you good so far and that you’re doing your best to try and stay out of –too much – trouble. Maybe can we interest you in a weekend edition of funnies? If so please feel free to keep on scrolling down.

Wishing you a witty PMSLweb moment!

Pigeon on channel 9 – Funny Saturday pics at

Funny pigeon meme at

Iron man and the care bears at

Awkward ice cream advert picture at

Cup holder humor at

Definition of trust – Funny Saturday pics at

Women don’t fart until they get married at

How to keep it casual article at

Funny car memes at

Paranormal activity parody at

Live long and pawspurr meme – Funny Saturday pics at

Andrej Pejic Australian model at

Funny minesweeper meme at

Friendzoned so hard he made it on the news at

Batman at the bus stop at

Grand theft auto Somalia humor at

Britain’s greatest place names – Funny Saturday pics at

PS I love you parody at

Neat nature facts funny at

Clumsy seller prank at

Write your own blues lyrics at

Anatomy of a jumbo freezie – Funny Saturday pics at

The last time she had taco bell humor at

Just in case humor at

When you have a vibrator stuck in your rectum at

Your pocket knows how to make knots at

Always try and make your job interesting at

Basic instinct parody – Funny Saturday pics at

Funny sumo youtube comment at

Twat road sign at

How I see dogs funny at

The brain is a scumbag – Funny Saturday pics at

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