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Crazy weekend – When your mind takes a turn for the worst


Crazy weekend – What happens when one’s mind takes a turn for the worst and starts ignoring the boundaries it usually complies by? Basically, this is the topic we’ll be flirting with today… The weekend is here, so let’s focus on it and treat ourselves to a few giggles. Wishing you a chortle-riddled PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Funny weekend pics – Time to kick off your shoes


Funny weekend pics – With Friday evening’s craze now behind us, it’s time to finally focus on the rest of our weekend. Evidently you’ll agree, who ever would dare to picture-out a Saturday without a few wicked chuckles, so without waiting further more here’s a new collection of weekend goodies. Wishing you a delightful and smile-riddled PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Saturday lolz – A paroxysm of weekend chuckles


Saturday lolz – Practicing the ancestral art of procrastination requires specific prerequisites, including an optimized chillax atmosphere, open chakras – this can be achieved using various methods , including a few drinkies (we shouldn’t have to remind you to drink Responsibly evidently) for example – and the necessary amount of quality time on your hands. Indeed, nothing worse than trying ... Read More »

Weekend fun – Uprising after another vicious week


Weekend fun – Time to give your local weather forecast a check, as Saturday is known to be the day of the week where cities and suburbs will encounter the most rain. Among other interesting facts linked to the 6th day of the week, please be informed that the latter is also the one where your chances of being intoxicated ... Read More »

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