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Funny Saturday picture zone – Weekend guffaws

Funny Saturday picture zone – Welcome to our virtual playground’s latest edition of Weekend funnies. Indeed, may you be of those who will be working through the next two days or of those who, on the other hand, will be doing what it takes to keep any work related memory deeply buried away until Monday, humor will always turn out to be a a compulsory need. Bearing this in mind, once more we’ve put together a gallery of smiles which now awaits your appreciation; so let’s get scrolling….

Wishing you a glorious weekend and a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

I'll make your bedrock Flintstone humor - Funny Saturday picture Zone

When people ask me where I see myself in 50 years funny meme

How you are seen by different people funny meme

Mike Pence breaking up gay marriage funny meme

Funny feed baby application gif - Funny Saturday picture Zone

What the car you drive says about you funny meme

When she changes her status to single funny meme

Funny Heinz Baked beans challenge gif

When you're scrubbing the floor funny porn meme

That's what it's like being a girl funny comment

When your mum forces you to eat a shitty dinner meme - Funny Saturday picture zone

Who remembers seesaws funny meme

My neighbor got her fingers caught in the drawer adult humor

Why women close their eyes during sex aduult humor

The can I speak to your manager starter pack meme

One of my flatmates opens his bread like this funny meme

When Ernie starts sending dick pics to everyone at the care home funny meme

Sad bee love story funny cartoon - Funny Saturday picture zone

Your storage is full Apple humor

I want to be a millionaire like my grandfather funny text message

Couple baths expectations versus reality funny meme

There's 2 sides to every story funny quote

Are you wearing your fitbit funny text message

Transgenders corner Mike Pence funny meme - Funny Saturday picture zone

Where's Dildo adult humor

I hate when people wear these in public funny meme

Barbie my first nude humor

Funny butthurt report - Funny Saturday picture zone

The real Sonic the Hedgehog funny gif

Funny husband and wife in bed joke

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