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Weekend comedy club – Chucklesome pictures and memes

Weekend comedy club – We hope that the Weekend has been fulfilling your expectations so far and and that guffaws have naturally been part of the equation. May that have been the case or not so far have no fear as our brand new edition of Saturday nonsense is now up & kicking, so without further ado feel free to dig in!

Wishing you a foolish PMSLweb moment!

Funny pregnancy advertising fail - Weekend comedy club

I kicked over my cat's milk funny meme

Dick pics be like funny meme

When you look back at old relationships funny meme

My dog was licking his nuts funny meme

How many caked will you be baking Freddie Mercury funny meme

Funny train track switch meme - Weekend comedy club

How old is your child funny meme

WTF measuring tape humor

Funny Trump dog meme

The reason your eyes water when you yawn funny quote

When you pee after you had sex funny meme

Typing Amen on Facebook can cure cancer humor - Weekend comedy club

How's engineering school going funny meme

My eyes are up here funny meme

When she reads the horoscope funny text message

Hashtag no filter funny meme

Autocorrect writes Nicki Minaj song humor - Weekend comedy club

You can take me out anytime sarcastic humor

How old is Knuckles the echidna funny meme

Funny haunted house fact meme

Dolphin grows human arms funny news article

When you tell your girl your phone's battery died funny meme

When my shitty blog suddenly gains a follower funny gif - Weekend comedy club

Funny do not piss on dolphins warning sign

Text and drive funny funeral home advertising - Weekend comedy club

When your parents try skype for the first time funny meme

F5 can be so refreshing humor

How is Trump going to build the wall funny google search

Funny fake Schwachkopf Trump logo - Weekend comedy club

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