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Funny St Patrick pictures – The green touch

Funny St Patrick pictures – For those of you who have no access to any media whatsoever and do not own a calendar, today March 17th, a great number of people around the world will be paying their respects to St Patrick. Born on 387 AD, Maewyn Succat aka St Paddy, a Romano-British Christian missionary (for those who are unaware, he was not Irish born, but did end up assuming the title of primary patron Saint of the country), is known amongst other things for banishing all snakes out of Ireland after that the latter repeatedly attacked him during a 40 day fast that he was undertaking at the top of a hill. While many believed in this theory – which for them explained the absence of snakes in Ireland – scientific facts actually pointed out that post-glacial insular Ireland purely and simply never had provided any viable migration path for the reptiles…
That being said, enough legend telling for now. These days “Bottoms Up” is the name of the game on the Patrick’s day, so green-tainted chuckles are in order.

Wishing you a fantastic St Paddy’s day and a wild PMSLweb moment!

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