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Funny Sunday – Finishing the weekend together

Funny Sunday – Why not finish the weekend together on a humoristic note ? The Sunday procrastination trail can often lead you on quite a journey without you even realizing it, so please feel free to take a halt and grab a handful of chillax giggles before getting stuck back into your expedition.

Wishing you a relaxing PMSLweb moment!

Hit the dove and win an iPod – Funny Sunday at

Inspiration for ignore buttons on cell phones at

Strange hair growing places at

Sogay water bottle at

Sniper no sniping at

Innocence demotivational -  Funny Sunday at

Muslim and pacman humor at

Until you’re smarter ecard at

Missing person’s report for my patience at

Knuckle coffee mug at

Restroom signs cartoon – Funny Sunday at

Like if you were born naked at

Funny field love fail at

Trip to the farm humor at

Beam me up Scotty internet explorer humor at

Kayak word search at

Funny human gas grill – Funny Sunday at

Funny the thing parody at

In mother Russia Waldo finds you at

No more nails Jesus parody at

Oreo Barbie at

Preparation H suppository bullets – Funny Sunday at

Funny moo movie at

Keep calm and reboot at

Are you ken street fighter humor at

Funny 80’s arcade fighters at

Living in Switzerland meme – Funny Sunday at

Fake Viagra advert at

Funny toilet roll coloring at

Cat on weather forecast at

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