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Weekend madness – Looking into the definition of insane

Weekend madness – By the time we reach the weekend, most of the time we will do so with limited sanity and far from denying it, we will often end up questioning our state of mind ourselves. Today’s collection of funny pics probably won’t prove us wrong and far from trying to convince us that we can snap out of it, will take us deeper in the abysses of insanity. In all cases you are warned…

Wishing you a fatuous PMSLweb moment!

A lot of sh*t on his mind – Weekend madness at

D bag claim funny picture at

Good f*cking morning ecard at

Nigerian football meme at

Keep out of children humor at

God almighty action figure – Weekend madness at

Funny sleeping cartoon at

Never underestimate my ability to know a lie ecard at

IT versus Mc Donald meme at

When you spell a word wrong sarcasm at

Bacon flavored Durex at

Vegemite iDrink – Weekend madness at

Funny blunt card at

Boys are lucky they have boners humor at

Cats don’t care news column at

The dog has been eating soap again – Weekend madness at

You’re not the f*cktard whisperer at

George Carlin and Evian at

Stork and reaper humor at

Funny horny cockroach at

Spiderman a**hole meme – Weekend madness at

Creating a password humor at

I can put cucumbers in my pants too at

Crushed marshmallow looks like Kim Jong Un at

Football players young funny at

Everywhere I look something reminds me of her at

Captain Jamaica parody – Weekend madness at

Funny Disney Aladdin at

Funny stereotypes at

Amsterdam is like the tour de France meme at

Chicken dish translation fail at

Justin Bieber and Zack Morris  - Weekend madness at

Differentiating Asian scripts at

Badass knights funny at

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