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Funny Tuesday collection – In the Hump starting-blocks

Funny Tuesday collection – While making it through Monday is always a personal little victory which we can definitely be proud of, we do not have less merit when it comes to facing Tuesday. The second day of the week is a sneaky little bugger who tends to do his best to make his big brother proud, and needless to say uses him as a source of inspiration. Here’s a little something which we hope will help you make the most of it.

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Ain’t no boobies when she’s gone at

My baby is Marge Simpson – Funny Tuesday collection at

Nude photography you’re doing it wrong at

Canadian problems at

Best divorce letter ever at

Guitar player meme – Funny Tuesday collection at

Funny poisonous mushroom at

Grocery shopping in Colorado humor at

Funny purposes of the small toe at

Justin bieber award humor at

you had a normal childhood meme at

Epic selfie  - Funny Tuesday collection at

Washing liquid advert win at

Sunscreen application level master at

Funny Morgan Freeman tweet at

Naughty word scramble at

Grand theft auto texas – Funny Tuesday collection at

The first time you talked to me humor at

Dogs are the perfect napkins at

Youtube funny mary poppins comment at

Who did you call a d*ckhead meme at

Photo taken at the right moment – Funny Tuesday collection at

Grands dough fail at

Vodka tastes like love at

My life so far meme at

When you feel a fart coming meme at

It’s time you were promoted ecard at

The teleturbans at

Product box fail at

Gangnam stupid tweet at

Do not give up drinking humor – Funny Tuesday collection at

Beyonce dat a** at

Obsessive compulsive action figure – Funny Tuesday collection at

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