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Tuesday craziness – A basket full of chuckles

Tuesday craziness – As you pursue your journey up the sacred business mount, you must fight the temptation to look back (to the weekend, not to your good old friend Monday evidently); so in order to keep your mind busy, why not take a peek at what we have put together for you….

Wishing you a peachy PMSLweb moment!

What do most people do on a date humor – Tuesday craziness at

Naughty hotel joke at

Cats at the museum funny cartoon at

Say llama again meme at

Morning alarm clock humor at

Yuri humor – Tuesday craziness at

Funny what you are doing right now at

Orange is a scumbag meme at

What to say before you eat humor at

Fill in the blanks t-shirt at

Can someone get rid of these cows funny at

Mexican nativity with coca cola cans – Tuesday craziness at

I better not see you online meme at

Funny you’re a whore card at

When I first meet a girl minesweeper meme at

Where I’d want to be during an earthquake at

You mean to say humor at

Suarez was here t-shirt – Tuesday craziness at

Stupid people everywhere meme at

Pet me funny cat cartoon at

Dat ass fail at

Me and my dog funny at

My boobs really bring out your eyes at

The holy spirit when you dance – Tuesday craziness at

For every good selfie meme at

My friend’s only picture from Africa meme at

Police at the door joke at

Fabulous soldiers meme at

Knitting level bored grandma meme at

Photo sent from my pregnant wife humor – Tuesday craziness at

How my cat sees itself meme at

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