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Funny Tuesday – Overlooking any form of common sense

Funny Tuesday – Would you believe it, Tuesday already….time sure does fly. Nonetheless, your daily dose of funny pictures is on its way so buckle up and enjoy!

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny toilet sign – Funny Tuesday at

Funny Aussie Kangaroo sign at

Your and you’re humor at

News announcement fail at

David is back from America at

Bible emergency numbers at

God loves you funny – Funny Tuesday at

Facebook sexism funny comment at

Justin Bieber Milestone humor at

Foreigners steal your job meme at

Boyfriend and cat funny picture at

Hugh Laurie funny Twitter comment at

Don’t attempt sarcasm quote at funny at

Mother of speed bumps – Funny Tuesday at

Hugging gym cartoon at

Tact is for people who aren’t witty enough to be sarcastic at

How years go by in Europe at

Instead of deleting pictures of my ex meme at

Cactus the only cat proof houseplant at

This picture is actually upside down – Funny Tuesday at

Teacher Alexander the great comment at

Last time I wore a puffy vest to the bar at

Broken hearted dog meme at

Burnd wolfgang stouten meme at

Chicken nuggets humor – Funny Tuesday at

His chocolate versus her chocolate at

Huggable hangers – Funny Tuesday at

Funny thumb guy at

Cool prius nobody at

Belgian discovers that wife was a man at

Cards against humanity Canadian funny at

Computer update cartoon humor – Funny Tuesday at

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