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Funny Wednesday balderdash – A midweek collection of smiles

Funny Wednesday balderdash – As much as it hurts us to say so, we hope that your mind is now more or less set on 2017 and that focusing after the prior weekend is not turning out to be too much of an issue. Of course you need to leave what probably turned out to be awesome souvenirs behind, but hey who knows what the upcoming year has up its sleeve after all, so you might as well start fresh and make the most of it. In need for a little mood enhancer? If yes then you know the drill…

Wishing you a kickass Hump day and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Goodbye 2016 gif - Funny Wednesday balderdash

Stop playing with me 2K16 funny tweet

See this coffee sarcastic meme

My 2016 resolution was no more blowjobs adult humor

Farmer Joe goes to court funny joke

You ain’t leaving the kitchen until the dishes are done meme – Funny Wednesday balderdash

The last f*ck I give is loading sarcastic humor

Grim Reaper catches George Michael funny meme

Keith Richards 2016 never heard of her funny meme

You may be American funny meme – Funny Wednesday balderdash

People who make new Year resolutions funny quote

When someone makes a mistake booking a train ticket online humor

Tacos so good they made her belly smile funny meme

Betty White and keith Richard’s child funny meme

Funny Arsenal joke – Funny Wednesday balderdash

Weird cube of cheese fish funny tweet

The kind of friend I am sarcastic humor

Santa gifts according to parent’s income funny cartoon

When your finger throws up because her vagina stinks adult humor

Peaches all flavors funny joke

Funny premature ejaculator listing joke – Funny Wednesday balderdash

Funny air freshener spray fail

Three French hens funny cartoon

Carrie Fisher had a good body funny meme

If a woman says wow funny meme

Number of people who give a f*ck funny gif – Funny Wednesday balderdash

Every time you voice your opinion sarcastic humor

I will treat you like a queen adult humor

Things I may or may not give a f*ck about sarcastic humor

Funny Tampax product placement meme

If I said or posted something that offended you in 2016 sarcastic humor

Behind every great man joke – Funny Wednesday balderdash

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