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Funny weekend pictures – Warning procrastination area ahead

Funny weekend pictures – If ever you are of those whom have decided to stay put this weekend – may it be for personal/financial reasons or simply by pure laziness for instance – you probably have planned to dedicate some of your precious procrastinating time to surfing on the wild waves of the world wide web ocean. If so, you may be interested in some of the funny bone enhancing gear listed bellow… so feel free.

Wishing you a lethargic but fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny surgeon name – Funny weekend pictures at

A**holes can get married funny picture at

Cool story babe T-shirt at

Funny red lobster thank you card at

Breastfeeding my dog fail at

Sally bangs the clown demotivational – Funny weekend pictures at

Funny Steve Urkel photoshop at

Cat bitchslap at

Chocolate name fail at

Gotham needs you meme at

Taylor Swift camel toe – Funny weekend pictures at

This cake is so dark meme at

I need smarter friends quote at

Then idiots happen meme at

Kanye fans fail at

The voices in my wife’s head humor at

Funny forced wedding picture – Funny weekend pictures at

Mounds chocolate fail at

North Korean air force humor at

Chinese workers on Facebook meme at

She wants the D t-shirt fail at

Funny NSA backup meme – Funny weekend pictures at

Bring me the finest carpet dog meme at

Discovery channel be like meme at

Dodge viper is daffy duck logo at

Funny multi-occasions tick boxes card at

I think this is wine humor – Funny weekend pictures at

Women will do anything to get their picture taken at

Real product for sweaty balls at

Who wants to be a millionaire horsepower fail at

What English can do to you joke at

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