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Hilarious Friday – An amusing weekend starter kit

Hilarious Friday – Welcome to our 8th TGIF edition of funnies for this year 2015. Once more, our endless hours of scavenging have allowed us to put together a potpourri, blending some of the finest humor genres that one can encounter during his time spent procrastinating on the World Wide Web.

Time to let go of any remaining inhibitions, and get your pre-weekend fix.

Wishing you a craze-packed PMSLweb moment!

Maybe you should try plan D sarcasm – Hilarious Friday at

The horrible truth behind whipped cream at

Ford circled the problem at

Mexican ghostbusters demotivational at

Funny adult doodle book at

Your mum can still kick your butt meme – Hilarious Friday at

The good, the bad, the ugly and Nicki Minaj at

Funny couple illusion photo at

Superman’s marital life funny cartoon at

Bitches love bringing up the past meme at

Funny chemistry test answer at

Love at first sight meme – Hilarious Friday at

I’ll marry you sarcastic ecard at

Funny ramen noodles hair at

Funny ford cartoon at

Funny family feud distracting boobs at

Olive oil Gordon Ramsey meme – Hilarious Friday at

Messy handjobs  demotivational at

Bus advertisement fail at

Life lesson learned meme at

What it feels like to use two laptops humor at

I don’t always bookmark pages meme at

Rock, paper, scissors demotivational – Hilarious Friday at

Different use of gear box explained at

Funny famous Wilson ball at

Funny human bear encounters warning at

Funny big guide to poo at

What your yacht says about you at

Remove the bike from the photo humor – Hilarious Friday at

I shot the dog joke at

How to poop at work at

Funny drinking alcohol warning at

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