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Hilarious iPhone moments – A best of iPhone fails

Hilarious iPhone moments – If there’s one big internet trend that never seems to grow old, it’s one which consists in making screenshots of awkward Iphone text message moments. May the latter appear as trolling text messages, iPhone pranks, SMS wins or – last but not least – epic autocorrect fails; no doubt that many of the following hilarious iPhone moments have (or will) get you laughing out loud (warning: you might even find yourselves shading a few tears in the process).

Hilarious iPhone moments at

Wishing you a giggle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Bad case of the manboobs funny autocorrect at

Your mom’s vagina on Craigslist funny iPhone at

Tomato warning iPhone fail at

Directions to cum iPhone humor at

Dad the iPhone troll – Hilarious iPhone moments at

Birds eating off his wiener iPhone fail at

If you’re late epic iPhone fail at

Help me fix my clock autocorrect fail at

Tasty stuff in my panties funny iPhone fail at

Kiss me fail funny autocorrect at

Blown my nose iPhone autocorrect humor at

Grandma is in the grave iPhone fail – Hilarious iPhone moments at

iPhone fumigating fail at

Colonoscopy brownie iPhone fail at

I hardly can contain my excitement funny autocorrect at

Dance paraplegic funny iPhone autocorrect at

Give me a handjob autocorrect fail – Hilarious iPhone moments at

Mum is harsh funny iPhone fail at

Black clitoris iPhone fail at

Genital thunderstorm funny autocorrect at

The new dick iPhone message fail at

Erecting disk iPhone humor at

Clever iPhone texting – Hilarious iPhone moments at

Facial tonight iPhone humor at

Penis juice autocorrect fail at

Juicy fruit in my puss funny iPhone at

Piss my plants iPhone fail at

Come to church with me funny iPhone autocorrect at

Take some vicks – Hilarious iPhone moments at

Unknown language iPhone fail at

Gained 10 foreskin pounds funny autocorrect at

Stupid iPhone autocorrect at

Blowing baboons iPhone fail at

Foreskin is all scabby autocorrect fail at

Pussy went rotten – Hilarious iPhone moments at

Why are you going to the party humor at

Funny dad iPhone fail at

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