Happy Halloween – The virtual laugh or treat party

Happy Halloween – Welcome to PMSLwebs’ Halloween party edition, a tradition we started a few years back now and that we have no intention whatsoever of putting an end to. We hope that October 31st has been treating you good so far and that your devilish and wicked vibes are at their peak today…. If not please summon the latter ASAP as we would hate for you to miss out on all the impish fun that we have in stock for you today.

Wishing you a fun-packed Halloween and a mischievous PMSLweb moment!

Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Halloween Costumes

F*ck you werewolf @PMSLweb.com

Funny weed costume @PMSLweb.com

Epic costume fail @PMSLweb.com

Tom hanks and Wilson Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

Dick in a box Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

Flash Gordon costume fail @PMSLweb.com

Freddie Mercury Halloween costume – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Human centipede Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

I blew myself costume @PMSLweb.com

Blue screen of death Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

Funny kid Halloween grandmother costume @PMSLweb.com

Meme Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

Princess Leia costume fail – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Ted Williams Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

Stupid beach Halloween costume @PMSLweb.com

World war 2 evacuee costume @PMSLweb.com

Halloween Food

Mc Donalds Halloween burger @PMSLweb.com

Halloween finger dip @PMSLweb.com

Halloween worm snacks @PMSLweb.com

Halloween graveyard food @PMSLweb.com

Halloween meat tray @PMSLweb.com

Funny Halloween band aid snacks @PMSLweb.com

Halloween spaghetti – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Fun Halloween food @PMSLweb.com

Fun Halloween pumpkin food @PMSLweb.com

Awesome Halloween food @PMSLweb.com

Fun Halloween fruit snacks @PMSLweb.com

Spooky Halloween food @PMSLweb.com

Halloween pizza @PMSLweb.com

Halloween Funnies

Funny Halloween cat – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Sarcastic Halloween ecard @PMSLweb.com

Funny coven parking cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Funny walmart Halloween ecard @PMSLweb.com

Funny Halloween cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Funny Mark parisi pumpkin cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Naughty Halloween pumpkin design @PMSLweb.com

Witches’ spell @PMSLweb.com

Funny Facebook Halloween name @PMSLweb.com

Spooky flame shadow @PMSLweb.com

Funny Halloween text message – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Halloween group therapy cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Zombie joke @PMSLweb.com

Funny twerk or treater cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Funny evil cat @PMSLweb.com

Funny Jason meme @PMSLweb.com

Are you afraid of the dark animation @PMSLweb.com

Funny mummy cartoon – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Funny Halloween parent quote @PMSLweb.com

Funny Dracula and werewolf cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Maxine Halloween joke @PMSLweb.com

Funny Jack O lantern cartoon @PMSLweb.com

Horror movie logic meme @PMSLweb.com

Funny Halloween quote @PMSLweb.com

Funny zombie child quote – Happy Halloween @PMSLweb.com

Third world Halloween meme @PMSLweb.com

Halloween wolf tail fail @PMSLweb.com

A nightmare in Sesame Street poster @PMSLweb.com

Ice cream tastes like your soul meme @PMSLweb.com

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