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Chillax time, beware funnies ahead – Hey, hey it’s Friday

Chillax time – For many of you this very long – and hectic- week is finally hitting its end and for what is of the others, well it’s still Friday right, and you are entitled to some sort of intellectual break; so in all cases a few giggles are prescribed and without any moderation of course.
Wishing you an excellent PMSLweb moment!

wanted a woman who can skip lines
The true meaning of reading between the lines
curved yellow fruit humor
Weird fruit you should give a shot
Bush crap t-shirt
Subliminal messages are everywhere
sexual fruit
Never seen these at the local store
breakfast sugar tits
Treat your kiddos to one awesome brekkie
angry hornet warning
You were warned
"What daffuq"
“What daffuq”
WoW humor
Addicting yes, but we all know that it is!
reaching climax humor
You can also switch off the light
What is harry potter doing
Harry Pointer?
condom labyrinth
Oh come on, put that pen away will ya!
Your new virtual friend
For those who still doubted, yes you can make friends online
Watching porn online
Why do you think it’s called a “hard” drive
the vintage microsoft team
Oh look, it was taken on bring your kid to work day…
buy microsoft errors
Biggest tech purchase ever
big boobs break glass
Advertisers need to seriously reevaluate their standards
straight or gay trust your fingers humor
Oh stop looking at your hand will you this is just a prank
definition of divorce
But you knew this already
Fist boner
And it’s hard to contain
I love my pussy cat
You’re doing it wrong
a family board game
And this board game is a real classic
Don't swallow bubblegum
Your parents warned you
pimple bursting
Hours of mirror aiming
email and bacon in your car
You can’t stop progress
Jackson versus the Lion King
Well he was a Disney fan…what did you think it was about?
three is a crowd
Three is a crowd
egg or chicken the truth
Happy we finally answered the never ending story
ford car humor
Soon to be vintage
don't cheat on your wife
Your computers knows
Norway center of the world
The Norwegians are sharp cookies
Fee-fi-fo-fum, those pirates were bloody right!
mirror moment fail
Mirror, mirror on the wall
the batman song
When Batman does karaoke what do you expect?
one glass a day keeps the doctor away
You can do it too
Bartender happy hour
Don’t fall for this
pocket science
Pocket science
I love you daddy
Quality time with your kids
Irish internet
The leprechaun is a hacker, don’t be fooled by his pots of gold, it’s a scam
real men don't buy girls humor
God bless my uncle Charlie
kenny McCormick's after life
Kenny McCormick’s now we’re talking
mute button dummy
Bring on the dummy
an amazing statue
Child abuse propaganda?
major captcha fail
Badass captcha
chewbacca food
Quite Chewie…
how to fire
My boss is a smart-ass
Woman I need you
One question remains unanswered…. the sandwich?
when you love a guy
Well if the guy has a brain he should, period!
Logical thinking
And this ain’t rocket science
woof woof gag
The big cat theory
priceless shut up humor
Just do it! – where is the Nike keyboard symbol?
He just became a man
Losing your virginity…. social
never trust a photo
Bluff…what it’s about
Twilight mum humor
Jacob versus Edward : Mums know better
Craig list fail
The ultimate payback
One for Russell
Shagging the sheep: not only a Kiwi thing
Mc Flintstone
Prehistoric drive -in
Wrong way
Facebook: Where your friends can take you down publicly
Kitty from the block
Sexy Kitty
toilet encounter
Never trust your first impressions
Britney Shears
Britney Shears : Buy now, make big bucks
Just before it hurts
The minute before
It happens in Norway
Epic Norwegian weather fail
zombie emergency procedure
2012… start taking notes
Fingers have a life too
Thumbelina and friends
How they do it
A garter story
I imagine I'm doing this
Real life one shooter mode
 what you really do
Your mum finally proud of you :P riceless
Spiderman's weakness
Creepy crawlies…we all hate them
imac notice
Not as complicated as it may seem
The microsoft best of
How many do you have?
facebook status humor
Facebook, the everyday dilemma
Tasty sushi
Sushi discount, it’s now or never

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