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Hilarious Friday – Thank Goodness it’s fun time

Hilarious Friday – Once upon a time, the weekend was finally in sight and the mood of an important part of the world’s population was directly affected by the latter. Whatever the upcoming weekend has in order for you, kicks-starting it on a ludicrous note always turns out to be a tasteful choice, so why not start as of now by digging into our latest collection of Friday funnies?

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend ahead and a craze-tainted PMSLweb moment.

Funny barber toner cartridge haircut – Hilarious Friday

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Note to self sarcastic ecard

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Bee chilling in raspberry meme

When the children in need make fun of you humor

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Meeting a fan backstage funny comment

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Michael Jackson and SOPA demotivational

Pedestrian versus pediatrician stupid Ken M fail

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To maintain a healthy level of insanity

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