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Hilarious Sunday – The art of procrastinating

Hilarious Sunday – While opinions tend to diverge as far as Sunday is concerned, most of us will agree that the latter is the week’s procrastinating day by excellence. On one hand it’s often a day when we allow our body to recover from our Friday and Saturday escapades, while on the other, knowing that tomorrow is Monday, just doesn’t prompts us into devoting ourselves to any astronomical projects. Since chillax is the name of the game today, without further ado, here’s our Sunday selection of funnies.

Wishing you a lazy PMSLweb moment!

Funny snuggle bear on cocaine – Hilarious Sunday at

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You see the edge of the map meme at

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Red Foreman game of Thrones meme at

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Russian plumber looks like Hugh laurie at

America’s penis versus Europe’s penis humor at

When you finish a test the other class has not done yet humor at

Dicaprio could just snatch the Oscar humor – Hilarious Sunday at

Funny Dolly Parton car player fail at

When the bartender asks for your ID funny at

Girlfriend close enough funny at

Picking which parent to live with humor at

Boobs versus butts in the world at

How to use a selfie stick – Hilarious Sunday at

Funny when your friend texts you I’m here at

Old air conditioner hairstyle at

Naming your pokemon humor at

This baby looks badass humor at

Dermatologists hate her humor at

Line up from worst to best at basketball funny at

Asterix and Obelix go to Yemen humor – Hilarious Sunday at

Went to church for the first time humor at

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Never seen a man that doesn’t look good in a suit meme at

Invalid user cartoon at

Task failed successfully windows error – Hilarious Sunday at

Cure for stupidity pills at

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