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Amusing Sunday – A collection of jolly goodies

Amusing Sunday – We are aware that maintaining positive vibes isn’t always an obvious thing to do on a Sunday; no matter how hard you try, Monday is somehow always omnipresent at the back of your mind. Instead of trying to deny the unavoidable, we’ve decided on the other hand, to give you a sneak peek of what awaits those who decide to drop by during the upcoming week…

Wishing you a bubbly PMSLweb moment!

Gold digger humor – Amusing Sunday at

Funny crocodile meme at

Funny evolution of man at

Suarez bottle opener at

How feminists see men at

Viagra joke – Amusing Sunday at

Wish you were here tombstone at

Woman’s purse humor at

When a website tries to suggest a username at

Men will be men at

Funny bed comment at

Funny IE desktop at

Funny Youtube Nyan cat man comment – Amusing Sunday at

Cool story bro meme at

Why has no one hit you with a shovel yet at

F*ck off might be too kind at

Laziness cartoon at

Drawing eyebrows humor  at

Funny witch cartoon – Amusing Sunday at

Funny Titanic meme at

Funny I don’t always meme at

Smack that a** from 8 feet away at

Gordon Ramsay GPS – Amusing Sunday at

Football players funny cartoon at

My silence could mean quote at

When a girl isn’t beautiful comic at

Don’t make me say something I won’t regret at

How to ask a girl out humor – Amusing Sunday at

Sarcastic bluntcard at

There are no stupid questions humor at

Horny rabbit fail at

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