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Hilarious Valentines day guide – Love is in the air

Hilarious Valentines day guide – May you have been impatiently waiting for this moment with February 14th circled in red on your calendar, or on contrary been dreading this specific day; Valentine’s Day is officially here!

Hilarious Valentines day guide

In the past – before Internet became a “Thing” – you could always try and circumvent the celebration by avoiding shopping centers and restaurants as well as steering clear of the numerous cheesy movies/chick flicks broadcasted on TV that day.

Nowadays though, things have become a little more tacky, as staying away from the Internet in some cases isn’t an option (when work related for example), nor something excessively easy to do (not to mention the punitive aspect; indeed, just because you’re not celebrating Valentine’s day there’s no reason why you should deprive yourself of your main source of entertainment after all)… And when it comes to the World Wide Web,let’s face it Valentine’s day is advertised/mentioned more or less EVERYWHERE: in the news, in those annoying pop-ups (and don’t get us started on those vicious ones which require of you to wait a handful of minutes before offering you the possibility to close them), via videos which randomly appear in one or more of your tabs driving you nuts and ESPECIALLY on your favorite Social Media platforms (Do we really need to elaborate here??? “Look at the flowers my hubby sent me!”, “Guess where Bae is taking me tonight?”….

Honestly may you be of those who loathes Valentine’s day – and is probably single (oh come on, you know it’s true) – or actually does appreciate Lovers Day BUT with moderation, and does not feel the urge/desire to hear about every single details of their friend’s nor share their own minute by minute (Yes, because it may seem hard to believe but you can also be in a happy relationship without documenting the latter on Facebook…); so in both cases we’ll all just have to suck it up I guess and let the flowers & teddy bears run their course… and because sometimes one must learn to apply the famous idiom: “I you can’t beat them, joining them” , today we’ve decided to treat you once more to one of our “Hilarious Valentine’s day guides” (we’ll kill two birds with one stone that way, see..), so why wait any longer, just dig in!

Wishing absolutely everyone a wonderful Valentine’s day and a kickass PMSLweb moment!

Cute Texts logo

These days text messaging has become a primary source of communication, and is now even ranked before “Phone calls” themselves; so why deprive yourselves when it comes to staying in touch with your significant other or crush? Time to get those little hearts skipping a beat!

How boyfriends should text their girlfriends funny text

Lick butt plans for Valentines funny autocorrect

Hilarious text message fail to husband

We made love by a huge tire funny autocorrect

Spread your legs funny autocorrect fail - Hilarious Valentines day guide

I never wipe funny autocorrect fail

My whole bed smells like colon funny text message fail

Funny Valentines autocorrect fail

You make my wart race funny autocorrect - Hilarious Valentines day guide

But then there’s CHRIS, please don’t be like Chris…. be strong enough to know when to let go….

Chris never gives up hilarious never ending text message

Funny Romantic Valentine's day cards

Who says Valentine’s day says Valentine’s day Card! Here’s the perfect occasion to score points for sure. Indeed, may you be married, engaged, dating, or talking a risk with your crush, by sending/giving your significant other or love interest a card you are actually officially asking Him/her to be your valentine, so select your card wisely.

Grammar Nazi Valentines day card

Do I love you more than my cat funny Valentines day card

Happy analtimes day Valentine's day humor

You annoy the living crap out of me valentines day card

Funny suggestive Valentine's day card - Hilarious Valentines day guide

It was love at first swipe funny Valentines day card

I licked it so it's mine funny Valentine's day card

Thanks for always being there funny Valentines day card

I love your huge cock funny Valentine's day card

I'm saving the V for latter funny Valentine's day card

Not even a wall can keep us apart funny Trump Valentines card

Your Valentine's day will be yuge Tump card - Hilarious Valentines day guide

Funny naughty Valentine's day card

Funny Valentine's day gifts

What does your Valentine actually mean to you? Where does your relationship currently stand? How committed/serious are you one to/about the other? The Valentines gift you will chose as a token of your affection today should speak louder than words….

Funny Valentine's gifts for him

Funny Bacon soap

Funny Bible flask

Funny boobies and beer glass

Funny butt towel for him - Hilarious Valentines day guide

Funny Donald Trump Toilet roll talker

Fake umbrella flask for him

Funny fuck mug for him

Funny game over ceramic mug for him

Straight outta your ass toilet paper prank

Funny booty shirt

To poo or not to poo funny book -Hilarious Valentines day guide

Funny Valentine's gifts for her

Funny blowjob bib

Funny breast suspenders

Funny crazy cat lady board game

Funny moon engagement ring prank

Funny dirty bitch soap - Hilarious Valentines day guide

Funny instantly talk with your cat products

Funny Messiah breath mints

Funny penis candy rings

Professional home dancing pole humor

Funny selfie sisters garden gnomes - Hilarious Valentines day guide

Funny cooking for orgies book

Funny wine parka

What is love Valentines day logo

At the end of the day Valentines or not it’s all about love. While February 14th gives many the occasion/excuse to officially celebrate/focus on the very special bond that can link two people, for a few hours, days, weeks, months, years… or even over a lifetime (sadly this last one is getting a bit less common these days ), it really just remains a day on the calendar. True love should be celebrated each and everyday in its own very special and specific way, and while you will be tempted to treat your significant other to a meal out, a little present, a trip, etc.. once in a while; on an every day basis just showing your loved one that you care and respect her/him will turn out to be far more significant and gratifying.
While many will tend to agree on the prior statement, everyone does have a different conception on how to apply the latter though…
Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to a brand new installment of “Good old human nature”!

Wine for two versus wine for one humor - Hilarious Valentines day guide

In case of love at first sight humor

Order a pair of tittens funny meme

Marriage explained with 2 keys meme

Tesco gets romantic funny meme

When you want to be sexy for Valentines adult humor

Chick fil taking Valentine's day to a whole new level funny meme

Funny you complete me meme - Hilarious Valentines day guide

Funny Valentine's day restaurant sign

Funny flicks for Valentines day sign fail

Funny royal mail comment regarding Valentine's day cards

The man is always wrong funny cartoon

You don't have to get me anything for Valentine's day funny meme

Wine is like a hug from the inside funny quote - Hilarious Valentines day guide

I'm falling for you humor

Dropping hints on Valentine's day humor

Valentine's day is coming up funny friend chicken bouquets meme

You are my sweetheart fail funny tweet

The perfect Valentine's gift adult humor

This cat doesn't have a Valentine funny meme - Hilarious Valentines day guide

I will ruin everyone's Valentines day funny meme

To all the beautiful women with no Valentine this year sarcastic humor @PMSLwebcom

I love you funny sanitary pad fail

Funny OKCupid online dating fail

The Singles corner logo

Because let’s face it, everyone will not currently be in a relationship this Valentine’s day (as for Side chicks, given that we’re not sure what category you truely do fit in, just feel free to include yourselves wherever you feel the most comfortable, and yes happy V-day to you too) we’ve decided to dedicate this last section to you. Only seemed fair after all, right? You can probably end up having a brilliant day/evening without having to stick to the conventional couple-candlelight image. After all, let’s bear in mind that we are our own best advocates…. just saying!

Forever alone on Valentine's day gif - Hilarious Valentines day guide

Say no to cupid funny sign

Everyone else versus me on Valentine's day meme

Valentine's TV dinner for one humor

I love you strips for single people humor

Single on Valentines day funny meme

Bitches be like babe got me flowers funny meme

Friendzoned on Valentines day funny text

Valentines expectations versus reality funny meme - Hilarious Valentines day guide

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