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Valentines day humor – The Ultimate V-Day guide

Valentines day humor – Because love and relationship statuses weren’t complicated enough, in the 14th century Geoffrey Chaucer decided to take over a Western Christian liturgical feast day during which saints named Valentinus were honored, and started associating the latter with romantic love and courting. Regarding Valentine’s day the way we know it, credits go to the English, who four centuries later decided that card & confectionary gifting would work like a charm on this specific occasion.

Let us not be fooled though by the sweetness of the concept itself (and we won’t even attempt to flirt with the profit-oriented aspect of the celebration); these days with the standards set (willingly or not) by the media and praised too highly by Hollywood (because everyone can evidently afford to fly across the world in order to deliver a hundred red roses and a 10 grand/2 meters high stuffed teddy bear), Valentine’s day preparations and its observance can turn out to be quite stressful and lead to a few brainstorming sessions, not to mention a moment of intense despise on behalf of the “single” population (we’ve all experienced both sides of the V-Day effect), who because of exactly what was disclosed above, feel like the whole thing is being bashed down their throats and that Valentine’s day is synonym to Singles Awareness day.

Concerned or not by Valentine’s day, its traditions & its realities, people will rarely be against having a good February 14th giggle/mocking session, so why not take a few in order to check out our Ultimate Valentine’s day Guide? In this edition we have fabulous V-Day card and gift suggestions for you before dedicating time to the celebration’s spirit itself…. So let’s get going!

Wishing all the lovers a gorgeous Valentine ’s Day, and the singles a wicked one.

The PMSLweb Team

Valentine’s day humor

THE CARDS – Because writing down your feelings makes all the difference

I know Han Solo valentine’s day card

Funny I choose you card

There are so many things I love about you funny card

Sarcastic I love you Valentine’s day card

Funny geeky Valentine’s day card

I want to nail you Valentine’s day card

Funny burning off V-day chocolate calories card – Valentine’s day humor

Funny I like your butt card

You’ll do funny Valentine’s day card

I still love you funny toilet roll card

I like you funny Valentine’s day card

Sarcastic Valentine’s day card

THE GIFTS – If you love him/her, this is the perfect occasion to show them

Better than a boyfriend soap

Funny marriage peppermint gum

I love you, I know necklaces

V for vodka flask – Valentine’s day humor

Chateau neuf du crap wine

Funny inflatable mates

Funny Valentine’s day cupid poop

Bacon lube

Funny understand men spray

Boob ear muffs

Funny gag bells – Valentine’s day humor

Man bowl gag

The bitch is sleeping mask

Sculpt your own perfect girlfriend kit

Funny I love the crap out of you toilet paper

Grow your own boobs gag

Yes/No funny wife pillow – Valentine’s day humor

After dinner willies

Funny Valentine hearts candy

Funny cure for farting in bed

Funny gag medicine

THE FUNNIES – V-day in a nutshell

Valentine’s day it’s a trap meme

I killed cupid in self defense – Valentine’s day humor

Being single on Valentine’s day humor

Valentine’s day for bae versus the side chick meme

I wish I had a Valentine funny meme

Funny valentine’s day quote

Bitches be like I’m single meme

Funny romantic Mc Donalds restaurant

Sarcastic eharmony questionnaire – Valentine’s day humor

You find me very attractive animated

Funny internet explorer message to you

I love you from my head to my toes humor

Say it in emoji humor

Me trying to flirt humor

After February 14th meme

Sarcastic Valentine’s day wishes – Valentine’s day humor

Rent me for V-day humor

Facebook on Valentine’s day meme

My perfect valentine’s day gift humor

Everyone’s getting laid except you  humor

How you know it’s Valentine’s  day meme

If you’re single and you know it cat humor

Happy Valentine’s day STFU

Penis Christmas meme – Valentine’s day humor

Shit bitch you is fine Valentine’s day poem

If he calls on the 13th or 15th meme

Funny Christmas versus Valentine’s quote

My husband is a keeper humor

Funny Valentine’s day solution

The reason why I’m single meme – Valentine’s day humor

February 14th is coming gif

TEXTING YOUR EX – You may be tempted to do something as stupid

I miss you funny text to ex

How ware you funny text to ex

Magic conch funny text to ex

Picking up my stuff funny text to ex

I miss you funny text to ex

I thought you loved me funny text to ex -  Valentine day’s humor

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