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Hospital food around the world… What’s cooking?

Hospital food – Put aside the fact that nobody ever really wants to end up in hospital, sadly it does occur for more or less serious reasons, and as we all know, one of the most exciting moments of the day during a stay in hospital is….the food! Of course you’ll often get to pick your dish amongst a little list – which will also depend on your condition – but between what you’ll see on the paper and what you’ll actually discover in your plate, hmmm you could be in for quite a surprise! 
Also, let’s not omit to mention the quantity of food served to you, personally I don’t really ever recall feeling ‘full’ after a hospital meal, but maybe this is actually done on purpose? It could be some sort of strategy to keep you hanging on until the next, and make it look more exciting – because riddled with hunger you may tend to sublimate…
Anyway here goes, yummy yummy, so where shall it be for you? Food in….

American hospital Food
What to expect from uncle Sam’s land
Australian Hospital Food
Food in Argentine Hospitals
Oki, but what is it?
Food in Canadian hospitals
Seems correct…
United Arab Emirates
Food in hospitals of the United Arab Emirates
Could be worth the price
Hospital Food in the UK
Looks about right
Food in French hospitals
The VIP corner then?
Food in German hospitals
This is the starter right?
Food in Greek hospitals
Looking good!
Food in Indian hospitals
Dehli..cious? Can’t really tell
Hospital Food in Israel
While it doesn’t look very exciting it’s probably very correct
Hospital Food in Japan
Now this on the other hand looks exciting…
Food in Korean hospitals
I’ll go with the subtitle
Food in Malaysian hospitals
Must be easy on the taste buds
Hospital Food in Poland
Looks simple, but hey is that a cocktail?
Food in Scottish hospitals
Who cares about the aesthetic side after all, at least it WILL fill you up
Food in Spanish hospitals
Doesn’t look all that bad!

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