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Humorous Internet nonsense – Another selection of funny pics

Humorous Internet nonsense – Congratulations, you’ve finally reached the most important milestone of the week. The time has finally come (well for a majority of you) to kick off our shoes, grab a well deserved beverage and chill a tad. If wasting a bit of time online while scrolling threw a few kickass & nutcase funnies sounds like a plan, why not check out what our virtual playground has decided to treat you to today…After all, what do you have to lose?

Wishing you a devilish weekend ahead and a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny broken stool fail - Humorous Internet nonsense

Pope rolling a joint humor

When you’re texting with somebody and they want to call you funny meme

Obama versus Trump inauguration funny truth

Love scene woman versus cat funny meme

Aladdin banned from the USA funny meme – Humorous internet nonsense

Not responsible for pool area accidents funny sign fail

When we were kids we didn’t have body wash funny meme

Send me a pic of you in the bath humor

What was really in Melania’s gift box funny gif

Funny alcoholic test – Humorous Internet nonsense

Funny lego blocks build your own Trump wall

Your order has been shipped funny meme

Who wore it better Ivanka Trump or the potato funny meme

New Alien movie funny horse meme

Death is coming funny Raccoon meme – Humorous Internet nonsense

Funny ring toss game fail meme

When God created the turkey funny tweet

Funny museum paintings loading gif

Would you say he’s a good boy funny meme

Funny alternative cuss words chart

When the waiter asks if they can take your plate funny meme – Humorous Internet nonsense

Your sex life after children funny gif

Someone out there will listen to you funny meme

You versus the guy she tells you not to worry about funny meme

Funny clitaurus car brand

Funny nose picker’s guide

You're gonna need both hands funny big mac wrapper fail

Funny football manager ball fail – Humorous Internet nonsense

A woman places an ad in the local newspaper joke

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