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Hump day guffaws – A collection of Wednesday goodies

Hump day guffaws – As yet another midweek peak is reached, and as you catch a breath while admiring the breathtaking scenery; we’ve decided to jump on the occasion to submit to your appreciation our selection of funnies for this Wednesday session. May the remaining part of the week be a goodie and treat you right.

Wishing you a smile-powered PMSLweb moment!

Flying f*ck warning – Hump day guffaws at

Salmon is for desire funny comment at

Why Russians are bad guys in video games humor at

Why I hate people at museums at

I spelled insects incest at

Phelps returns to his tank – Hump day guffaws at

Child’s train set fail at

Nokia stops bullet at

The Taliband humor at

Everytime I come home I get this look at

Funny Mozart Youtube comment at

Funny Grandma Facebook post – Hump day guffaws at

Early acupuncture funny cartoon at

Lift heavy objects funny sign at

My son’s world domination meme at

Funny useless paperclip at

Funny conspiracy cartoon at

Stupid jump attempt gif – Hump day guffaws at

Boost activated meme at

motivation level Germany at

The best way to make friends funny at

How an author would describe you humor at

You can do it sarcastic picture at

I don’t have the blood alcohol level – Hump day guffaws at

Funny Romance and porn movies quote at

Look it’s a nopecoaster meme at

How many f*cks did Billy give that day at

Funny Jizz addicts shirt at

The complete manual of things that might kill you at

Closed minded sarcastic ecard – Hump day guffaws at

Making fun of tablet selfies at

I wish I had a lower IQ sarcastic ecard at

Disney go f*ck yourself gif at

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