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Wednesday Collection of Goodies – Hump, hump, hump and away

Wednesday Collection of Goodies - And Wednesday it is ! Two different ways of processing the day are usually encountered :

-Option 1: Damn, still three days to go before reaching the weekend… *sigh*
-Option 2: Hump day YAY, the toughest part of the week is behind me!

Whatever attitude you choose to adopt, as from now on you must do your best to stay positive and keep your chin up high; we have faith in you!

Wishing you a bulging PMSLweb moment !

If the next trend could be thinking meme
Damn girl are you a fire detector ecard
Ipad bazinga funny
Know your enemy spider anatomy
Go away I’m way too sober
Spiders hate peppermint oil
You’ve owned cats for this long
Forget the game let’s dance football funny
You ever have one of these days squirrel funny
what I can build with legos funny
Watermelon photoshop funny
I want to like your facebook status but your spelling is horrible ecard
Nala was Simba’s sister funny
I don’t always get a sore throat meme
Drawing hands funny
Your cat-scan is now complete funny
I don’t have time for your bullshit ecard
How do I unbake a cake
worry about the fuc*tard apocalypse ecard
keith Richards funny meme
Have you seen my new shoes football funny
Cat pissed at his owner funny
Cat funny you drive like my grandma
the best “die in a fire” look funny
I was so bored funny
Retired people police officer prank
do you ever wanna grab someone by the shoulders ecard
They aren’t pedestrian kill scores after all ecard
Award for the least amount of f*cks given
Farts are the ghosts funny
Things I never learned in school funny
Admit it you know this species as dory
the moment he realized he was now the middle child
Nine months after funny
Dino in toilet pee fail cartoon
If batman were a redneck
A man walks into a bank funny story
this is the sad face of a defeated father funny
Night can’t find comfortable position meme
I can actually hear your words being misspelled ecard
United airlines flight best agent funny
snow? No that’s spider web funny
I’m not crying because I’m sad ecard
A large group of baboons is called a congress
which machine at the gym I should use to impress beautiful women
Milk box humor
Jack daniels fishing story
what pet cemetery did you dig this thing out of?

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