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Hurricane Irma memes – Some of the best (or worst)

Hurricane Irma memes – While the terrible aftermath of hurricane Harley which badly hit Texas only recently (150,000 properties were affected), while thankfully being more clement with the states of New Orleans and Louisiana, is still omnipresent among the general population, the latter was robbed of the spotlight only a few days after by the now very infamous Hurricane Irma. Indeed, Irma a category 5 hurricane – or should we say a devastating hurricane – was born in the Atlantic, and first caused havoc in the Caribbean where “she” unleashed her wrath on the islands of Barbuda (damaging 95% of the structures), Franco-Dutch St-Martin (70% of the Dutch and 95% of the French side of were destroyed) , St Barts, Anguilla, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic (luckily though while being battered by the storm, the damage caused by Irma turned out to be far less than initially feared), Turks & Caicos and finally Cuba before heading to Florida. The hurricane reached Florida Keys on Sunday (and after being downgraded to category 4), caused a fair amount of damage in Miami before moving up west coast via Naples and Fort Myers. Irma finally weakened to category 1 as its eye wall passed east of Tampa and has now been downgraded to a tropical depression as it continues to push up north.

While evidently we perfectly acknowledge that the devastation and chaos (not to mention casualties) inflicted by what potentially can be qualified as one of “Worst hurricane’s in history” is in no case a laughable matter, this is the Internet… and by now you all should be familiar with the fact that a certain part the World Wide Web will always have its very specific way of covering breaking news and current affairs in a fairly more lighthearted way and under the form of memes. Honestly these past days we have been encountering funny Irma related memes and pictures wherever our scrolling/scavenging has taken us, so today we have decided to put together a compilation of some of the best (or worst) we have stumbled across…. it’s up to you to judge!

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Hurricane Irma Memes

Irma's projected path funny hurricane meme

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and the US funny meme

Funny hurricane Irma memetic alert system

During storms or emergencies stock up on Bud light humor

Post hurricane problems funny meme - Hurricane Irma memes

Girls be like cuddling weather funny hurricane meme

Trump will stop hurricane Jose with a wall funny meme

Hurricane Irma is Labor day weekend vol2 funny meme

When your mum tells you to take your little brother with you funny Irma meme

Pennywise has bottled water funny hurricane meme

I'rma gonna have to check those papers funny meme - Hurricane Irma memes

Thanks for the Trampoline Irma funny hurricane meme

Visit Florida funny hurricane flyer

Funny hurricane Irma on Tinder - Hurricane Irma memes

But wait there's more funny hurricane Irma meme

Alligator escaping hurricane Irma funny meme

Pray for my girl she got stuck in the hurricane funny adult meme

 Natural selection do your thing hurricane Irma meme

People attempt to redirect Irma using fans funny news

Let's make cakes instead of evacuating funny Hurricane Irma meme

Me being rescued after eating all my hurricane snacks funny meme - Hurricane Irma memes

Bae come over funny hurricane Irma meme

Everyone vapes to fight Irma funny meme

Naruto run in category 5 Irma winds funny news

Don't look at the hurricane without your official hurricane glasses funny meme

Florida must wear a condom hurricane Irma humor - Hurricane Irma memes

How Floridians ride up north funny hurricane Irma meme

Neighbors are ready for hurricane Irma funny meme

I see why Jose is chasing Irma funny adult quote

Trying to forecast Irma's path is like trying to predict a woman's mood funny meme

Asking for a category 6 hurricane at the barbers funny meme - Hurricane Irma memes

I keep sending them hurricanes but they keep masturbating funny meme

Becoming Instagram famous funny hurricane Irma meme

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