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Immersion in the Video Game World – Goodies for True Players

Video Game World – The very first video game we have on record is “Tennis for Two” which was developed on the Donner Model 30 analog computer in 1958. The latter was then followed in 1972 by a much more “elaborated” version, the one and only arcade video game “Pong” (Atari Inc) which is known to be the ancestor of all the breathtaking games you can come across today! Back then, hitting a little dot back and forth of the screen in order to score points was an amazing breakthrough which provided a tremendous amount of entertainment; those of you who discovered video games that way will not be able to deny while the latest generations of players may find it hard to believe for sure.

Gaming History – List of home consoles released between 1967 and 1980:

- 1967 – Brown Box
- 1972 – Magnavox Odyssey
- 1975 – Atari Sears Tele-Games Pong System
- 1975 – Magnavox Odyssey 100 & 200
- 1976 – Magnavox Odyssey 300,400 & 500
- 1976 – Fairchild Channel F
- 1976 – The Wonder Wizard Model 7702
- 1976 – Coleco Telstar
- 1977 – Magnavox Odyssey 2000,3000 & 4000
- 1977 – RCA Studio II
- 1977 – Atari 2600
- 1977 – Atari Video Pinball
- 1977 – Atari Stunt Cycle
- 1977 – Coleco Telstar Ranger
- 1977 – Coleco Telstar Alpha
- 1977 – Coleco Telstar Colormatic
- 1977 – Coleco Telstar Combat
- 1977 – Nintendo Color TV Game Series
- 1978 – Coleco Telstar Sportsman
- 1978 – Coleco Telstar Colortron
- 1978 – Coleco Telstar Marksman
- 1978 – Coleco Telstar Arcade
- 1978 – Coleco Telstar Gemini
- 1978 – Magnavox Odyssey 2
- 1978 – Bally Astrocade
- 1978 – Philips Odyssey 2001 & 2100
- 1979 – Mattel’s Intellivison

As from 1980 companies such as Mattel, Coleco or Atari went on releasing a handful of consoles, but suddenly encountered two very fierce competitors who finally won over the market as from 1983: Sega and Nintendo; Sega with its Sega SG-1000 followed by the Sega Master System, and Nintendo with the famous NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

46 years after the “Brown Box” was released, the 5 most popular consoles are currently:

- The Xbox 360 (Microsoft)
- The Nintendo Wii U
- The PS3 (Sony)
- The Nintendo Wii
- The PS2 (Sony)

It may seem important though to point out that PC gaming represents 56% of the gaming Industry, that there are four PC’s for each Wii, seven PC’s for each Xbox 360 and eight PC’s for every PS3. PC gaming is known to attract the more “serious” and “hardcore” gamers while home consoles are considered “lighter” and more “recreational”.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic as we are slighly going off-course, the weekend is now here after a terribly long week, and we would seriously be abusing if we started to oversaturate your fraglized grey matter with too much info & numbers in addition! The main purpose of this post being to treat you to a collection of funny video gaming pictures, some of which may ring a bell and kick-start a few smirks… so kick-off your shoes and enjoy!

Wishing your inner-teen a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

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video games don't make us violent demotivational
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a gamers baby announcement
Video games funny my team versus their team
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I'm not a player I'm a gamer funny
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I visited my girfriends house the other day - video game funny
my dad can beat your dad at video games bib
27 years of tetris have prepared me for this funny
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sega the more you play with it the harder it gets
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The real gamer is the gamer till the end demotivational
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I'll just go around the mountain said no adventurer ever
my health is starting to drop during a battle gamer humor
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knows you can't fly gamer humor
gamers survive from starvation much longer demotivational
got far ahead in the game choe load instead of save
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doesn't die with 10 bullets dies with a knife funny
what I do when I can't beat a level in a video game
said no gamer ever funny meme
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Gamestop be like we can give you $7.50 funny
god of war can kill gods can t break a wooden door funny
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am I the only one who wants to know what health potion tastes like
If this was my room I'd forget what the sun looks like video game funny meme
Gamer meme - when did I get married funny

Mario Bros

Mario bros wiid
Mario Bros don't be racist
Mario Bros money -power- woman
Mario bros apple laptop
playing mario bros like a boss funny
mario bros hey kids wanna buy some shrooms
Mario Bros friendzone funny
leading causes of caraccidents mario bros
jump once again I dare you mario bros
27 years later still gets nervous Mario Bros
Mario Bros dies when touching a turtle funny
I know bro, she's always in another castle Mario Bros funny
Mario and peach the later years funny
browsers castle mario close internet explorer funny
what doesn't kill me makes me smaller mario bros funny
Mario Bros and mutant teenage ninja turtle funny
Mario bros peach he isn't even in the right castle
Mario cart demotivational funny
mario bros lifes funny


Princess peach and sonic in bed
Sonic can't catch robotnik on foot funny
oh no something horrible has happened to sonic funny meme
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don't give me that look sonic funny meme
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GTA fast cool car meme
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GTA demotivational this map
GTA funny cops logic
GTA video games have prepared me for this funny
GTA meme gun shots get out the car and start running
that awkward moment when you realize you're not- in GTA
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GTA watches you murder 15 people happily sells you a hotdog funny


watched you playing streefighter 2 you proud daddy?
streetfighter chun li and li chun
Streetfighter funny edition
Dhalsim football streetfighter funny
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streetfighter parody funny
streetfighter parody funny
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PES versus FIFA

PES versus Fifa
PES meme and they said that PES was realistic
PES -FIFA -Arsenal keep calm and sell everyone
football video game funny meme
Football video games players remotes funny
football video game meme when you play with a friend
I'm so excited for our date tonight that I'm only going to play 3 games of FIFA ecard
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Played FIFA twice instant Barcelona fan meme
Graphics in FIFA versus graphics in PES : What’s your verdict?
Fellaini graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Gareth Bale graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Gervinho graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Lionel Messi graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Ribery graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Rio Ferdinand graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Cristiano Ronaldo graphics compare FIFA vs PES
Wayne Rooney graphics compare FIFA vs PES

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