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Funny video game world – A collection of gaming funnies

Funny video game world – Once in a while we cannot resist dedicating one of our posts to the video gaming world, and guess what, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today! These days, whatever their age and occupation, a fair percentage of the world’s population will not deny occasionally, weekly or even daily challenging himself via one (or many) of the numerous computer or console games available on the market (free or paid for). With so many titles and genres at your disposition; Puzzles, action, adventure, strategy, arcade, simulation or MMO’s, just to name a few, these “sessions” can range anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. Anyway, once more we’ve put together a selection of gaming funnies found left and right on the World Wide Web, so please feel free.

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Video game psychology warning – Funny video game world at

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Funny sexist FIFA 16 comment at

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Gamer squirrel you died at

Mages in Kiev riots humor at

Stupid girl remote fail – Funny video game world at

Vintage Nintendo suitcase at

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Every gamer will understand humor at

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How call of duty players butter their bread at

Felix Baumgartner is Assassin’s creed at

Masterball and Wario’s thong meme – Funny video game world at

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