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iPhone humor – Apple’s toy has a mind of its own

iPhone humor – By now, no need for us to introduce Apple’s technological gem and its overwhelming features, which evidently include the famous and mind-blowing autocorrect option – set in most cases as default. Going through the manual, we don’t recall ever seeing any sort of warning for what is of the timeless chuckles linked to the latter. Good for us nonetheless, it probably adds to the charm in addition to other funny messages.

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

And now I have a boyfriend – iPhone humor at

Why did Sarah fall off the swing at

Mum do you have a gum funny autocorrect at

Nailing her sister funny autocorrect at

I took anal for 2 hours – iPhone humor at

You gave a mushroom to a midget iPhone funny at

Stop changing the Google logo funny iPhone at

Autocorrect fail at

A stiffy for our anniversary – iPhone humor at

Voice text funny iPhone at

Dad and I fondled ourselves autocorrect humor at

Go Pikachu funny iPhone message at

Mum and her new iPhone funny at

Funny mom on iPhone at

I miss the holocaust autocorrect humor at

Take me anywhere expensive – iPhone humor at

Shitting in your car funny iPhone message at

Why is there a crack on my phone iPhone funny at

He’s joining the nazi iPhone fail at

The person you’re going to marry – iPhone humor at

When men don’t have control over their pussy at

Easter supper funny iPhone at

I have Waldo in my basement funny iPhone at

My cameltoe is huge autocorrect fail at

Boyfriend fail – iPhone humor at

Ducking mad funny autocorrect at

Spongebob is a tampon funny iPhone message at

Bluetooth dildo stuck in my port at

Look at your trousersnake – iPhone humor at

Big dick daddy iPhone funny message at

Squirted his lovejuice in my eye iPhone fail at

He drove over with his mum’s corpse at

Dick hunt on Nintendo funny autocorrect at

Eat my tits autocorrect fail at

Tucking your brother funny autocorrect at

Sexy and you know it iPhone funny at

Overheated autocorrect – iPhone humor at

My weekend has been shatnered at

iPhone on Viagra at

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