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Crazy pics – Time to tickle your funny bone

Crazy pics – As we initiate the last few strokes which still separate us from the weekend shore, the term doing “the crawl” finally starts making sense come to think of it. You can be proud of the accomplished weekly milestones, and it’s our duty and honor to celebrate the latter with a new collection of funnies.

Wishing you a facetious PMSLweb moment!

Get your own seeds bird meme – Crazy pics at

Looks like someone is dying to get out at

Your dog can blow a bigger bubble than you can at

Fake lego advert at

Water most addictive drug meme – Crazy pics at

Girl with a Perl earring selfie at

Double doggy paw facepalm meme at

Jehovah’s witness humor at

Awkward moment funny story at

Left nostril versus right nostril funny – Crazy pics at

I don’t always step on the cat meme at

You should of bought the cookies meme at

MySpace fake logo at

Mona Chewbacca – Crazy pics at

Let me play you the song of my people

Drunk just drunk quote at

Fat tire funny facebook comment at

Guy’s marriage proposal versus girl’s at

I have a bit of a drinking problem at

If you could run up the slide – Crazy pics at

How do you know when your wife is dead joke at

There’s plenty of fish in the sea meme at

Fake Nintendo logo at

Mona Lisa and cat at

Jellyfish apocalypse – Crazy pics at

I don’t always have to retype my password at

Wizard of Oz witch please meme at

Old lady with gangsta t-shirt at

Fake Nokia logo at

Do I hate you from somewhere – Crazy pics at

Frozen Gatorade meme at

Ghetto tooth fairy at

I wasn’t that drunk last night ecard at

Fake Google slogan at

KFC f*ck you – Crazy pics at

Tin man lub humor at

Brewopoly at

Corona board game at

Anatomy lesson parody  at

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