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It’s lazy Sunday let’s chill – End your weekend with a smile

It’s lazy Sunday let’s chill – As usual while the week itself never seems in a hurry to end, as far as the weekend is concerned it’s a whole different story! Once Friday evening has been reached the time just seems to fly by, and before you realize it you’re about to kick-start yet another dreadful Monday ugh!
Now that said, some of us still have a few hours of salvation ahead of them… so why not treat ourselves to a little Sunday funny picture collection?

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

I offer you this sacrifice sink demon
I want to murder your family - moth funny
Gordon Ramsay Omelette funny
Suddenly an oven
smokers room ceiling painting
this seat is taken bird funny
why don't you wanna taco bout it?
Can I get you anything - drinks, a snack maybe?
oh sweet this wall has free wifi
this is how girls feel without mascara
sorry, ok is not an acceptable word
No time to explain get into the banana
my wife says camping is a tradition in my family
the one from our maths problems cheetos
Shakespear insult kit funny
why does the dentist talk to you if you can't respond
Day 11: the dog still thinks I'm fur
do you want a bag supermarket funny
I just wanted a BLT with cheese
Nopes black widow toilet paper roll funny
sagging pants funny picture
sometimes it's all about the angle
How I think I look when I check out girls funny
love is when you have a 100 reasons funny denial
Toy baby behind window prank
pan solo
when you re dead you don't know that you're dead funny
I am Ironvan
stop singing that song rock a bye baby
can you tell who is related funny pic
Gand Alf
To the fatmobile
There are skinny jeans and there are these skinny jeans
in case of fire funny
kermit muppet fist x-ray
skeptical house is skeptical
He died fighting
that's a nice toe you have there funny table
Tree stop that, no I must dance
the ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of
your ass is on backwards
I get emotionally attached to the cars ahead of me
crab by day batman by night
Best rug ever
why do cartoon characters wear the same clothes
how germans see germans talking to each other
why do grades go abcdf funny
The moment you realize this is one picture
the moment you realize this is one picture

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