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The weekend is here – bring on the Giggles!

The weekend is here – Because one could absolutely not seriously consider entering weekend mode unarmed smile wise, here’s a little collection of funny pictures just the way we like them: simple and straight to the point.Have no fear though, nothing too intellectual in order not to oversaturate those poor & agonizing grey cells of yours which are still trying to get over a very hectic week!

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

nice try laundry but I'm still going for a nap
if a woman is upset funny sarcasm
my biggest childhood fear
what's red and bad for your teeth
nice try mum fruit funny
sometimes I look at you and wonder ecard
your diaper is full funny guetto
people who squirt ketchup all over their fries
every shooting star mario kart
first time a girl tells me she loves me funny
How I learned to mind my own business funny
why roadwork takes months to complete
I miss you like an idiot misses the point
I'm sorry I dropped you stop giving me that look
dora and fifty shades of grey
bring me another smurf
I have no idea what I'm doing funny
I don't refer to it as gossiping ecard
trick or treat funny
my dr asked if our family members suffered from insanity ecard
we're expecting our first child and apparently a cat
a village in kenya spelling fail
lego shoe step on my foot
have you ever exerciced so damn hard funny
now you have no excuse spelling funny picture
sofa fort ikead style funny
I sprayed fruit scented febreeze in my bathroom
two sides to every story like your face
back to the mothership turtle funny
someone standing in front of the article I need
how my dog sees the park
If I am ever on life support funny
blood pillow funny picture
I want to farts so hard funny picture

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