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Jokey Tuesday – A funny picture gallery

Jokey Tuesday – As much as accurately forecasting the upcoming weather – may it be in the northern or southern hemispheres – seems to have become quite a hazardous task these days , when it comes to prognosticating daily giggles we’re thrilled to announce that our insight remains more or less constant. If ever you have doubts ( after all our “science” isn’t written in stone), please feel free to come and check-out our latest Tuesday humor edition… and qui vivra verra!

Wishing you an uprising PMSLweb moment!

Killing me softly with this thong meme – Jokey Tuesday

When you’re an adult you’re exposed to weird shit funny tweet

Don’t make me your favorite character Game of Thrones meme

After being friends with you on Facebook for an hour I hate you humor

How people react on the internet humor

Cats at the restaurant funny cartoon – Jokey Tuesday

Certificate of upgrade to complete asshole humor

Fish naked show off your rod vintage humor

Come with me funny expectations versus reality

When you’re drunk and helping your drunker friend humor

F*ck you I don’t do what you tell me sarcastic ecard

When you miss him but you’re trying to stay strong humor

Finding Dory humor – Jokey Tuesday

I saw your Trump yard sign meme

If you eat your steak like this you might as well bite the cow humor

Cats at the movies funny cartoon

Funny guys night out meme

Didn’t I tell you not to go through my phone humor

How a girl types when she’s pissed off –Jokey Tuesday

The only reason you want to be a jedi meme

You need the dick now funny vintage comic

Funny birth of a vegan meme

Keeping an eye on the class until the teacher comes back humor

New crocodile Disney blanket humor

How green were the Nazis humor

We’re holding hands frog humor – Jokey Tuesday

Funny animated sausage

My favorite vacation picture meme

Heard my neighbor shagging last night funny Facebook status

Make the pond great again funny Trump frog

I already want to take a nap tomorrow funny quote

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