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Laugh a minute pics and memes – Your Monday edition

Laugh a minute pics and memes – Would you believe it, Monday is already back and no matter how hard you’ll try, chances are that re-calibrating your mind back on to work efficiency won’t always turn out to be duck’s soup! If you’re currently having a rough time trying to focus, no need to over-stress yourself (and yes we know, easier said than done…) and why not consider trying to fit in a little care-free time left & right? Our latest edition of silly Monday pictures has just gone viral, so why not give the latter a shot?

Wishing you an awesome new week and a snortle-packed PMSLweb moment!

The original sin funny prehistoric cartoon - Laugh a minute pics and memes

 Facetiming my water so that it won't boil over funny meme

Why people are assholes online funny meme

Salute to this 36 year old man who still wants to finish college funny porn meme

That one friend who gets drunk and starts telling you hurtful but real shit funny meme

We may have taken this everyone can grow up to be president thing a bit too far funny sign

Our boss just banned overly specific nicknames funny sarcastic tweet - Laugh a minute pics and memes

Funny Canadian sexting

Wives are funny creatures funny quote

Why there hasn't been any Snoopy specials lately funny dark meme

Marked safe from Harvey Weinstein sarcastic Facebook humor

When he brings you extra donuts funny police meme - Laugh a minute pics and memes

If you see a beer in this picture funny meme

Men usually like a woman that resembles their favorite kind of car adult meme

I bought many vegetables at the supermarket today funny adult meme

When your arthritis pills kick in funny meme - Laugh a minute pics and memes

Dick pics supply vs demand funny graph

Anyone up for a game of labor or porn adult humor

A polar bear saves a poor cow from drowning funny inappropriate meme

Eating at the restaurant these days funny comic

Human nature summed up funny meme - Laugh a minute pics and memes

WTF nostril hair extension meme

To whoever owns this car funny sarcastic note

Guide to making tea humor

Do sharks complain about Monday funny sign - Laugh a minute pics and memes

Want to scare the life out of your man funny quote

Why do birds sing in the morning funny sarcastic meme

Funny emoji translator meme

Boys will be boys funny gif

A man spends the weekend out with the boys funny joke

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