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Friday funnies – A funny pictures and memes gallery

Friday funnies – Well, it looks like we’ve finally made it to the gates of the sacrosanct weekend. As of now, making sure that your procrastination skills are up to date is crucial as this will probably be the last time this week that you will get to practice. No worries though, we have your back and have put together yet another little compilation of Friday guffaws; so on your marks, get ready and… scroll!

Wishing you an awesome weekend upfront and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Why did you hit my son funny cartoon - Friday funnies

What does she have that I don't funny gif

Funny empty fuel tank meme

Turn your screen funny pepsi can joke

The weirdest stock photo ever funny meme

Look at this judgmental ass dog funny meme - Friday funnies

Stop praying for my grandpa funny meme

The wife and I on our honeymoon Facebook humor

Awimba Weh funny name meme

My fat ass thought these were donuts funny tweet

Remember the days you'd tell your parents that you were at a sleepover funny quote

When chips manufacturers hide bank notes in their packets funny meme - Friday funnies

Penis is going to a party funny adult cartoon

This photo is tripping me out funny optical illusion meme

Statue of a dog with a substantial penis funny meme

Feel that that's Friday funny gif

Why do men always give their jackets to women when they are cold adult humor

IT guy gets his mistress pregnant funny Facebook comment - Friday funnies

I hate when people say it's 5-Oclock somewhere funny sarcastic status

Weinstein is Jabba the hutt funny meme

I'm at a good place currently funny meme

When you realize you're getting too old for partying funny meme

You'd think spiders would be more chill funny sarcastic quote

When I was young I wanted to be married by 2 funny meme - Friday funnies

Am I getting old or has the supermarket begun playing great music funny meme

One does not simply just give you an additional workload on a Friday funny meme

Please do not defecate in the showers funny notice

Funny sexual identities abbreviation meme - Friday funnies

Get that out of your hand funny Jesus meme

Are labels a warning or a suggestion funny meme

I have met my quota for stupid people this year sarcastic humor

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